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Things learned while researching some technical topics, written up in case anyone finds them useful.

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  • Installing Java 6 on Tiger and Leopard

    For another project, I found myself needing to install Java 6 (a.k.a. 1.6) on Mac OS X Tiger and Leopard, both Intel and PowerPC.

  • Adventures with installing old Mac firmware updates

    At work, we have a quad-core 2012 Mac mini Server (Macmini6,2) that’s been running VMware ESXi from day one. For this reason it’s never had its firmware updated, so today I set about to fix that.

  • Auto-arranging windows on a 2nd display with AppleScript

    If you have both a Mac laptop and an external display at your desk, you may know this routine: sit down, plug in the cables, drag each application’s windows to your preferred spot on each display, get up for a coffee break, come back and find all your open windows have congregated on a single screen again after your display went to sleep.